Sheep Creek Lake Camping Trip

This was definitely a memorable trip.

My brother Trevor, and our friend Jace bought a little tent trailer to fix up, and somehow I was invited on the maiden voyage of their new purchase.

We decided Sheep Creek Lake would be a good place to test it out.

When we first arrived, it was pouting rain. But we decided it was worth staying, so we got to work setting up the trailer. After we got it leveled, we went to lift the top. It didn't lift. Click. Click. Click. Nothing.

So we decided we would have to cut into the trailer to diagnose the problem. The rear panel was riveted on, we couldn't just remove it easily.

We decided that a gear had become disconnected from the shaft that you crank to lift the top. We couldn't do anything else until we cut the steel bracket that was holding the shaft in place. Luckily, my dad's cabin was only about 30 minutes away and he had the tools there that we needed to fix the problem.

After some cutting, some welding, and a trip to the hardware store, our problem was solved. So we headed back up to the lake.

Everything from that point on went pretty well. Definitely a good time.